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iJoy Elite Mini 60w Kit with Ample Mace Subohm Tank

в Чт Май 10, 2018 8:02 pm

Versatility has been redefined, iJoy continues to push the envelope forward with its imaginative approach to vaping. The iJoy ELITE Mini 60W TC Kit is an example of that. Out of the box, this revamped RDTA Box Mini Mod screams durability, with adaptable features for both rebuilding, pod usage due to its compatibility with JUUL Pods, and a built-in 2200 mah battery. Take your love for vaping to a place of endless posibilities.

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Heralds as the new flagship sub-ohm atomizer from Ample, the Mace Sub-Ohm Tank delivers a dynamic, midwattage platform featuring 4.5mL maximum juice capacity, With resonable electricity routing structure, Disc-shape coil and new type a new type of disc-shape heating coil to give you pure taste flavor. Measures 24-25mm in diameter and features sleek and smart design elements with high-quaity Stainless Steel & Pyrex Glass construction. The Mace Tank, adopts a new type a new type of disc-shape heating coil, by improving the electricity routing, improves the resistance, makes it work under a more resonable and healthy range of power.

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